Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are an affordable option that are available in array of stylish colours and designs.

The water-resistant fabrics make them the perfect choice for areas of high moisture like bathrooms and kitchens.

They come in blackout fabrics which means once you close the blind fully it provides complete privacy, blocks the majority of light out and also keeps heat in on those cold winter nights.

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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds ooze luxury. They are a timeless choice that will provide style and warmth to any room in your home.

All fabrics come with a premium lining as standard, but this can be upgraded to blackout or thermal if you wish to add extra light, heat and sound insulation.

Romans are the perfect choice if you are looking to layer a room with curtains. As they are more of a furnished blind, you are able to either match or compliment your curtain design.

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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are available in three materials; wood, faux wood and aluminium. All three are a great option for light control as you can tilt the slats to adjust the amount of light being let in, or open the blind completely to allow maximum light in to your room.

Aluminium venetians are the easiest to maintain, they can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth as they are water-resistant.

Wooden venetians are a natural option that provide warmth and class.

Faux wood venetians provide the best of both worlds. They bring the natural, warm feeling of wood, with the practical benefits of aluminium.

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are the best choice if you are looking for light control. The slats can be twisted 180 degrees to either block the light entirely or let your desired amount of light in. If you are looking to let the light in altogether they have the option to be drawn completely open.

Looking after your blinds can be difficult, but verticals are a low maintenance option. The horizontal design means they don’t pick up as much dust as their venetian counter parts. Even with this design you may still have to clean the slats, but don’t worry as each individual slat can be wiped down and even replaced if you’re struggling to get rid of any stains or marks.

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Window Blinds FAQ

Pleated blinds are best for heat retention in winter and prevention in summer. They have a honeycomb structure that provides a barrier so heat cannot escape/penetrate. This structure is so effective it has been proven to reduce heat and energy bills.

Another suitable option for heat retention is roman blinds. They come in thick fabrics, that when lowered, don't show any gaps for any heat to escape from. Also available with an optional thermal lining, this can further insulate your room.


Pleated blinds are the most energy effecient. Their honeycomb structure means that they retain heat extremely well during winter and block heat during summer, leading to reduced heat and energy bills.

Roller, roman and pleated blinds are the best for blocking the most light and providing the most privacy.

Roman and roller blinds come in whole sheets of fabric that do not have any gaps once closed. They can be fitted outside of the recess so the fabric covers the entire window and more, avoiding any light getting through the sides. Both these blinds are also available in blackout linings.

Pleated blinds come in a perfect fit system, which is a frame that is placed on your current window and then the blind is fitted into the frame, meaning the blind covers the entire glass pane, so when closed there are no gaps around the perimeter. Pleated blinds are also available in blackout fabrics.

Roller, vertical, faux wood and aluminium venetian blinds are your best choice for areas of high moisture.

Faux wood and aluminium venetians are inherently water resistant as they are made from PVC and aluminium.

Roller and vertical blinds are available is certain fabrics which are made from moisture resistant PVC.

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